We Turn 3!

We Turn 3!
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This month, Sahira Jewelry Design turns 3! Where did the time go?! I literally have no idea, because I swear just yesterday I was sitting at home looking at Instagram when I decided to start a little website. 
While it seems this time has gone by in a blink of an eye, it's truly incredible to see what has come within that short amount of time. When you think your whole world is crashing down with catastrophic post college events and relationship troubles, you never think at that time, your whole life has been changed for the better. 
Over the last three years, I have pursued this passion to my fullest abilities and worked harder than I have ever worked. Sleepless nights, 7 day work weeks, hundreds of photo shoots, connecting with thousands of girls around the world and selling to clients in parking lots (fun fact: some of you would meet me and have me pull out bins outside of a Starbucks in Jupiter, FL. Craziest part is others would stop to look too!).  The three years has even included styling you ladies, traveling all of South Florida with a jewelry store in my car and popping up at every boutique and store that allowed it at the mall and so so much more. Safe to say, I think I've almost done it all. 
Needless to say, if there is a will there is a way. 
From my parents' kitchen table with a bead kit, to a showroom that just opened in April and now offer pieces in 14k/18k gold and diamonds!  All of which would not be possible without all of you and the support I've received. I have the most incredible people around me, a family that always has my back and customers who are so amazing, patient and loyal.  
There comes challenges with starting a business and while maybe it is not always perfect we are continuously pursuing to be a brand you can always rely on. It's our mission to always bring you quality, value and unique products. 
I can't do this without you, so again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I hope to continue this blog a few times a month, so please stay tuned for more and leave me a comment below if you made it to the end of this;) 
I LOVE hearing from all of you.
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  • Anna Bloom: November 17, 2020

    Meet Sahira yesterday at the Lake Worth location. Sahira was a sweetheart and I love her designs. I purchased the carrie necklace. Plan to go back and make more purchaes. Good luck 😎 in your new location.

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