Man & Woman of the Year Campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Posted on March 20 2018


Sahira Sued, Sahira Jewelry Design, Jewelry Designer for Sangie Palm Beach, Claire Anderson Photo

Sahira and team manager, Bruno Rodriguez


I am extremely honored to say that I am a candidate for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Man & Woman of the Year campaign. Yes, I'm a little scared as I'm competing against some amazing other people in our community (Palm Beach Area), but in the end, all with the same purpose of raising money to find a cure!
Upon getting nominated, I was a little shocked! I never thought someone would think I'd be the right candidate for this, but once I learned about the disease, the foundation and the wonderful people involved, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Aside from raising money, I really want to educate myself and others around me who haven't been directly affected by blood cancers. Along with my fellow candidates, I will put my best fundraising foot forward in honor of two courageous children, 2018 Boy & Girl of the Year, 8-year-old Zachariah, a survivor of Burkitt’s lymphoma, and 16-year-old Brianna, a survivor of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. 
While childhood leukemia has the highest cure rate of any blood cancer, it is also still the number-one disease killer among children under the age of 20. This needs to change, and I know that as we come together and partner with LLS we will find a cure, not someday, but today!  
I really need your support in my efforts to help LLS in its mission to ensure access to cures and treatments for blood cancers.

Sahira Sued, Sahira Jewelry Design, Jewelry Designer for Sangie Palm Beach, LLS WOMAN OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE


Here is how you can be part of the cure…

My campaign to be the Woman of the Year is all about dollars raised and I am asking you today to join me in this ambitious campaign. I have until Friday May 19th to reach my goal of raising $35,000.  This goal may sound like a whole lot of money, but I believe that anything is possible, and together we could make a huge impact in helping to find the cures that we need. 


Your donation will prevent someone from losing a child, sibling, parent or loved one, and allow LLS to continue funding lifesaving research.  Learn more about LLS at and its mission.  


Ways you can help!!

  • A donation made through my link or by check. Tax deductible contribution. LINK: HERE   All donations for the campaign need to be made through this link or a check/cash picked up by me with "Sahira Sued" in the memo line.  Charitable contribution receipt will be provided on contact. 
  • Purchase tickets or a table and  attend one of our amazing events . HERE

Sahira Sued, Sahira Jewelry Design, man & woman of the year, leukemia & lymphoma society


  • Sponsor an event through a program ad advertisement for the business in an event program, to be seen by all attendees. You can also become a major sponsor if you are looking for those opportunities. Ads for the events can be seen at this LINK. Click the “BECOME A SPONSOR” button and select “Program Book Ads” . 
  • Gift cards or other unique auction items for the fundraising giveaways I’m doing on social media. Looking for silent auction items for the two big events. Let me know if this interests you and we can coordinate on a way to make this fun.  I am THRILLED at all of the auction items I have so generously been given so far!!  I will be updating this page  acknowledging all of the sponsors so far!!
  • Point of Sale Donations for your customers – we can provide you with a branded donation box or barcoded “Blood Drop” branded papers for customers to purchase and write their name on. This is a great way to raise money and make your customers aware of your philanthropic endeavors.

I want to thank you in advance for your generous support of myself and Team and for being a hero!


 Sahira Sued, Sahira Jewelry Design, Jewelry Designer for Sangie Palm Beach, Claire Anderson Photo


Sahira Sued, Sahira Jewelry Design, Jewelry Designer Palm Beach, MWOY Leukemia lymphomaboy of the year, lls, leukemia lymphoma society

Our Boy of the Year, Zachariah

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