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As many of you know, I have had the opportunity to work with Claire Anderson Photography on so many occasions over the last two years. This ultimate girl boss has created her own photography empire over the last eight years. I'm so excited to do a little Q & A with her, so you guys can also learn a little more about one of my favorite girl bosses EVER!


-First of all, you were one of the first people I ever met through Instagram! How did you find or start working with Sangie since, at the time, you were new to the area?

So if you’re wondering if hashtags work, I am here to tell you they do! I had just moved to the area (like not even a week before) and I saw you were local in Palm Beach, so I reached out to see if you needed a photographer. The next day we met at Starbucks and talked for like 3 hours, mostly about business... then, we were like, we should just hang out! Two years later and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

-How did Claire Anderson Photography come about?

Since I can remember, I have always been obsessed with pictures and photography. I started off as a graphic designer and photo editor, then I assisted a wedding photographer at a wedding and that was it! I started my photography business 8 years ago in my hometown of Dallas, TX as Clara Bella Photography, then I moved to LA then here to West Palm Beach and thats when I decided to change my business name to my name!

-Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration almost everywhere, but I try to pay attention to what really inspires me. I can admire a pretty photo but I try to dig in deeper to find out what about that photo is it that I like? for ex. the lighting, pose, model etc. That is the different between drawing inspiration and copying. Stay true to yourself and your inspiration will lead the way!

-What do you feel is the key to true success?

Persistence and Consistence. If you can nail those then you will be unstoppable.

-What’s the most rewarding part of working one-on-one with your clients?

Seeing their face light up when I show them the back of the camera. For my high school senior girls especially, I had a mom tell me that her daughter viewed herself differently and even had more confidence after we did our photo shoot. Another girl told me that she had never felt so beautiful, and that alone is my “why”.

-What’s the most challenging thing about being a girl boss? And how do you cope or stay motivated?

Being too hard or not hard enough on yourself. I have to remind myself that life is a series of seasons. Some will be hard, some will be easy, some will feel like you’re on top of the world and the next you will feel like you’re at the bottom. But as long as you keep your eye on the end goal, you will be able to see how every step along the way was necessary. Also to check in with yourself like you would a friend. Ask yourself, “How are you? Is today getting you closer to where you want to be?” Also, positive affirmations and self development books are key.

-What’s the best and most rewarding thing about being your own boss?

Setting a goal that you at one point maybe thought was impossible, then reaching it.

-Congratulations on all your publications and awards! Can you go back to that moment when you were told you were going to be featured on a publication for the first time. How did it feel to see that when it finally came out?

Thank you! Honestly it was a little unreal. I remember how much I would admire them and dream of one day getting to be in one. Every publication and award has been incredible and so humbling, but the most rewarding was being published in Vogue. It was a true pinch myself moment. I still remember where I was when I first saw it in print. The funny thing is, not even a year before, I actually posted the magazine with Kim and Kanye on the cover, and said (jokingly) that my dream was to shoot the (cover) of Vogue one day! Well it wasn’t the cover, but it was close enough for me! 😉

-What advice do you have for a babe who wants to venture out and become a full-time entrepreneur/designer/artist and start her own biz?

Do your research! Find a mentor. Dive in head first. Write it out (in your own handwriting). Become obsessed. Don’t give up! If you don’t give up then its only a matter of time before you get there.. and the time will pass anyway!


A little fun fact...

When I first met my husband - then boyfriend - I told him it was my lifelong dream to live in Miami. He booked a trip for the next week (our first trip together!), and we absolutely hated it because it was BEFORE smartphones existed (this ages me lol) and we got lost in the worst areas. It took a little while and a cross country move, but 10 years later we made it and I think it’s safe to say we’re here to stay, because we just bough our first home in West Palm Beach! 😊


Some of my personal Claire Anderson X Sangie favorites :

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    Love all these gorgeous pictures you did together.

  • Julie : February 04, 2017

    Such positive, encouraging words that Claire not only spoke here, but that she also lives by and shows in her amazing work. She makes the entire photo shoot experience sooo fun and uplifting for everyone! I can see why you both hit it off when you first met, because you both show those same values and determination to keep working hard and continue to be and do your best. That’s why anyone who has the privilege to have their daughter photographed (and glammed by your pretty jewelry), have a winning combination that is magical in every shot. So thankful we found you on IG! :)

  • Krystal: January 31, 2017

    I just love this and absolutely LOVE Claire! She’s truly an inspiration to me and has been for quite some time now… The crazy thing is we’ve yet to see the best of Claire!!!!! By me being one of her #1 fans, I can’t wait to see what all she has in store for us. Congratulations to you both!!!

  • Jessia: January 30, 2017

    Loved it all. You have great work together!

  • Billy Garofano: January 30, 2017

    This is a remarkable post! I definitely can relate to a lot of the advice here regardless of working in a different industry entirely. The key to a successful career starts with persistence and stays with learning/bettering mistakes. Don’t be shy to get your name out there!

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