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Create the SJD Capsule Collection of Your Dreams

Create the SJD Capsule Collection of Your Dreams

We all know the saying "You can never have too much jewelry", which we are totally not against. However, we also know that everyone has their favorite go-to jewelry pieces that we tend to reach for a lot more times than any of our other pieces from our collections. Let's put those huge flashy earrings we take out for one night of the year away, and make room for staple pieces we know we will be using on a daily basis. 

Get your money's worth and actually get maximum use of your jewelry by focusing more on buying simple but statement accessories. Now, let's break down 5 Sahira Jewelry Design staples to create the jewelry capsule collection of your dreams. 

First, let's start with one of our newest obsessions, our Crosby Hoops. These hoops give instant elegance to any day or night time look. They aren't your basic gold hoops, which is why we included them in our capsule collection. A more fashion forward piece without being too over the top for a Monday morning.

Next, is our adored Jenna Link Bracelet. This piece is really special because it is best worn by itself. You don't have to spend any time stacking a bunch bracelets with the Jenna, because she is the star of the show on her own. 

Thirdly, our Dome Ring, which is guaranteed daily compliments. You can't have a complete outfit without a pop of gold on your fingers. Capsule pieces are all about simplicity while making a statement, and the Dome ring does just that.


Next up, is our sleek and beloved Codie Link Chain. If we had to pick only one necklace to keep in our capsule collection, it would without a doubt be the Codie. The perfect piece for layering or wearing by itself to complete your look.

And of course we had to include our absolute favorites, the Jojo Tube Hoops. These are a MUST, chunky mid sized hoops that will immediately brighten your face when you put them on. We are all about classics here at SJD, and to us, our Jojo's are the ultimate classic hoops that everybody and their moms need.


Now that you have a guide to the finest jewelry capsule collection, you can get to shopping!

Stay tuned for more styling tips on the blog

xoxo, Sahira 

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