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How to choose the right necklace for your style

Historians insinuate the chain emerged into a piece of aristocratic artistic jewelry for the body and extended more mysterious figurative meanings indicating wealth, rank, and mystic energies. The Egyptians vaunted social position by imposing Nefertiti-style beaded accessories. Ancient Roman ladies dressed pearls – a fashion "traditional" delighted in the Renaissance and endures today. In multiple religions, beads rose holy grounding during devotions, songs, and services. In the Bronze era, copper, gold, and silver were formulated into configurations for necklaces and talismans. These metals further presented the start to amulets and jewels to lead a great life, wealth, and shelter against harmful psyches. 


Choosing a necklace based on stature 

Picking the accurate accessory for your stature, face shape, and body can appear like an aching responsibility, mainly if you are new at collecting jewels. Fortunately, we have created a general guide in leading you to the right one, whether you are looking for a chain necklace or silver necklace.  They are available in several sizes, yet you should choose the one that fits your style best.  Just like outfits, your face shape can settle what type of chain suits you adequately.


It’s better to find a chain to elongate the face. It will correctly form a V shape.


A choker will aid lessen the more cutting points of the face, highlighting a great neck.


Try shorter chains from 16" -18" to lower the face's ends.


How to choose a Chain Necklace?  

Staying in front of a mirror wondering what’s missing to sparkle your look? Imagine a chain necklace since you never went to that store. Now that you know how important a chain can be, you should purchase yours. Ease the experience with these manageable actions:

  • Start with a chain form

To men: When choosing your chain, keep in mind that men commonly request more extensive diameters such as 3mm or more. 

For women: Celebrities' choices are mixed based on the length and width of a chain necklace. Typically, the standard chain width for women is about 1mm, and the most popular forms are lace and wheat necklaces. 

  • Choose metal quality

Let's accept that gold leads to being the favored metal preference. Nevertheless, Sterling Silver is a fair competitor according to demands in jewelry shops. Silver is a pleasant option to gold if we're talking about price comparison. Moreover, happily, the gold and silver necklace is never out of trend or specific to any gender.

  • Fix chain length

The most standard chain necklace length traded is 18 inches. Women approach 16" and 18", while men usually fancy more extended sizes like 20" and 24". Additionally, choker chains denote a modern trend at a range from 14 to 16 inches.

  • Pick a clasp

A spring ring would be a suitable additional clasp option. Moreover, for a more extraordinary necklace, a crawfish clasp is generally applied. Clasps make a perfect accessory to both men's and women's necklaces. 


 Choosing a pendant for your Silver Necklace

 If you're looking for an affordable jewel that doesn't drop its worth over time, sterling jewelry might be the classic option. Sterling silver isn't just long-lasting, but it's also effortless to maintain. Sterling silver jewelry is an excellent accessory to anyone's gems set. If you're a novice and just studying for items to create your collection, a silver necklace usually is advisable. Nonetheless, when deciding on a silver necklace, memorizing that the chosen chain will play a significant part in defining the pendant necklace's appearance, personal mood, and overall influence is necessary. Choose a chain necklace based on:

  • Model

Silver lockets are commonly excellent at dragging attention. When choosing the chain necklace for a silver decoration, it is regularly desirable to choose simplistic chains. As a result, these chains provide the charm to acquire the impression intended to own.

  • Weight

Commonly, it would be commendable to go for a pendant equal to the chain's weight.

This is because heavier decorations lead to degrading the lifespan of the holding chains.

  • Wideness

A narrow chain is not suitable for a heavy pendant. This occurs because the chain will have to hold the decoration on a thin section, providing an uncomfortable cut from the chain in your skin.

Consequently, if you own a big decoration, a wider chain is desirable. It can divide the weight of the locket much correctly, making it a very comfortable necklace to put on. 

  • Color

Ordinarily, the color of the chain that holds the locket should constantly balance the color of the chain necklace. Accordingly, a silver pendant lacks a silver chain. Aiming at bolder colors than that of the charm means lacking attention. Consequently, embracing a silver necklace is a more trustworthy move.

  • Length

Keep in mind two main features, neckline and height. If your size is less than average, you should not choose a long chain cause that would form an uncomfortable appearance. In addition to these points, you should further guarantee that the chain matches the pendant. It's the worst feeling ever, discovering that the chain necklace you recently acquired can't fit with the pendant.


Wrapping up…

Comparatively, with other jewelry series, the necklace has been an outstanding accessory in showing women's uniqueness. As an admired piece of art, necklaces signify prosperity, attraction, association, fame, connection, art, and components of integrity and personality. Instead of wondering what’s missing at your appearance, follow our guideline and choose the right necklace to wear on tonight.

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