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10 Useful Storage Tips For Your Gold & Silver Jewelry

Why do you need to store your jewelry?  

What's the worst loss you can have on a busy rainy day or crowded event? Your expensive gold jewelry or unique silver jewelry are truly irreplaceable accessories you wouldn't want to lose. It doesn't matter how many jewelry stores you can easily find close to your house. Most of the original accessories carry an exceptional significance. They might be inherited, or you could have marked an important date in the calendar wearing your quality fashion jewelry. Therefore, you need to continue reading our top 10 jewelry storage ideas from our jewelry specialists.  


Rule #1: Purchase a drawer!  

Whether you decide to store your quality fashion jewelry, you unquestionably need to keep them out of the scene. A drawer is always the best alternative to keep it hidden and safe from the rest of family members who want to put them on or curious friends entering your room.  


Rule #2: Don't make a choice!  

If you can't choose between two gold jewelry, and several silver pieces of jewelry, keep them all. Thoroughly enjoy different combinations by mixing related jewelry creations into various storage sections. From bowls and vessels to acrylic cosmetic storage boxes, store your quality fashion jewelry selection effortlessly.  


Rule #3: Elegance means velvet!  

We get a different sense from the concept of placing our beloved silver jewelry and expensive gold jewelry on a velvet pad. Notwithstanding the style look, the velvety texture will store your cherished jewels steadily organized.  


Rule #4: Rings on the bowl!  

A simple plate close to a drawer or small closet serves to store some of the everyday rings. You can easily take all off your golden ring set at the end of the day, throw them somewhere in the bowl, and instantly find them tomorrow morning or whenever you decide to wear them.  


Rule #5: Group Classification!  

As one of the tidiest fashion jewelry lovers, you have heard this storage rule before. Put all your big statement earrings, gold jewelry, gem necklaces, silver jewelry as delicate bracelets together. You might divide them based on metal composition, size, or similar styles. Storing quality fashion jewelry based on similar styles and color families together makes it easier to find them.  


Rule #6: Decorate with jewels!  

It's one of the most innovative ways to store your jewels carefully. Traditional handmade quality fashion jewelry is charming to watch around the house. Feel free to wear various ornaments or small sculptures in the hall or your beloved porcelain dolls around your room.  


Rule #7: A tiered system is a key!  

Whether you're a classical type who fancies a jewelry box or you cherish modern storage ideas, a tiered saving system is a solution to being organized and free of some space.  


Rule #8: Use your crystals!  

Your crystals might provide healing powers for you with their energy, yet, they can also charge the other quality fashion jewelry close to them. Store your favorite gold jewelry on a flat-top gem for an aesthetically gratifying and healing powers box.  


Rule #9: Match jewels and outfits in the wardrobe!  

If possible, place the right combinations with your clothes in the closet. For instance, a black turtle neck blouse can fold gold jewelry such as an elegant necklace. It's going to save you much more time while getting ready. Moreover, your quality fashion jewelry is going to be perfectly preserved while being folded within clothes.  


Rule #10: Apply Subdivisions!   

It might take a few hours till you decide the proper division you want to pursue to your jewels, yet it's highly worth keeping them safe, not cutting or mixing each other's surface. Storage compartments it's highly recommended for men's jewels, too, such as watches, cufflinks, rings, and other delicate silver jewelry that can get easily scratched or broken.  


Wrapping it up!  

If you're a jewelry lover, your collection is presumably one of your most prized properties. However, a stunning collection of antique pieces and new acquisitions can get trapped in a mess, lost in a drawer, or crushed in a cramped locker.  Nevertheless, with a stylish, comfortable jewelry storage rule, all aforementioned drawbacks can be avoided altogether.   


Jewelry storage is considerably more important than the functional role you may be assuming. Additionally, jewelry storage is frequently flexible and productive in protecting your quality fashion jewelry and showing it off.  This article was all about our specialist's lists of clever jewelry storage tricks to adv

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